Goff appeared to be a bust in 2016

You cannot seal off murderous racial injustice in American life, partition it, any more than you can restrict a defective murmur to a single chamber of your own heart. “Do not blink it out of sight,” the great abolitionist Sen. Charles Sumner warned of racial violence at the end of the Civil War.

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The effect McVay had on Goff provided a blueprint for other teams with young quarterbacks. Goff appeared to be a bust in 2016, losing all seven starts under then coach Jeff Fisher, a poster child for conservative NFL coaches. McVay installed a fast paced, spread system built around Goff’s strengths, and Goff became one of the most promising passers in football..

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The Bills, seeking a tying touchdown, reached the New England 8 yard line in the final minutes. But quarterback Josh Allen was sacked on third down and, on fourth and goal from the 15, threw an incompletion on a desperate lob into the end zone under heavy pressure with 1:05 left. The Patriots ran out the clock with two kneel downs by Brady..

They joined the Saints as the team returned to New Orleans following its vagabond 2005 season away from the city that had been ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Payton was the Bill Parcells disciple chosen to succeed Jim Haslett. Brees was the quarterback working his way back from a serious shoulder injury, displaced by Philip Rivers in San Diego and left to sign with the Saints because the Nick Saban coached Dolphins chose Daunte Culpepper over him.

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